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SMS Banking

SMS Banking brings the Banking at your fingertips. Bank has introduced the SMS Banking Facility for its customers.

Under SMS Banking following facilities are offered to the Customers.

  • Latest Balance in the Account
  • Details of the last 3 transaction of the Account
  • Cheque Return Alert
  • Transaction Alert
  • Term Deposit Maturity Alert
  • Overdue of Loans

SMS Banking Number : +91 9212038604

SMS Formats for Transactions
SBAL Balance Inquiry SBAL A/C No. - e.g. SBAL SB 345
LST3 Last 3 Transaction LST3 A/C No. - e.g. LST3 SB 180
FCHQ Fate of Cheque FCHQ Chq No. - e.g. FCHQ 123456 SB 345

Facility is available for all the customers of the Bank. Contact the Branch for registration and activation of the facility. If you change your cell phone number please fill up the form & send it to the respective branch with proof.