Service Charge

No Service Provided Comission (Rs.)
Up to Rs.5000/- Rs.25/-
Up to Rs.10000/- Rs 50/-
Up to Rs.10000/- to 1 lac Rs.100/-
Above Rs.1 lac 1% (for each Thousand) Maximum Limit Rs.5000/-
Up to Rs. 1,00,000/- NIL
Above 1,00,000/- Rs. 50/-
B)Speed Clg.(Other A/c)
Up to 1,00,000/- Rs. 50/-
Above 1,00,000/- Rs. 150/-
2. D.D/T.T/M.T.E.
Up to Rs.10000/- Rs. 25/-
Above Rs.10000/- Per thousand & its share Rs.2/- maximum Rs.3000/- for TT Telephone Rs.35/-
3. Bankers Cheque/Pay Order
Up to Rs.10000/- Rs.20/-
Above Rs.10000/- Per Thousand its share Rs. 2 Maximum Rs.3000/-

a) Metro & Urban customers of CD/SB Account (not FD) for Quarterly Average balance amt.kept Rs 2,00,000/- DD/TT/MT commission charges 50% relief.

b)Rural area CD/SB Account (Not for FD A/c) customers Quarterly Average balance amt.kept Rs 75,000/- & Bank Cheque /pay order commission Charges 50% relief.
5. Bills Discounting
Up to Rs.5000/- Rs.25/-
Above Rs.5000/- For each thousand its share Rs. 5+ Postage + interest as per rules.
For local cheque purchase For each thousand Rs. 2 Maximum Rs. 3000/-
6. Duplicate DD
For all duplicate DDs Rs.50/-
Revalidation Rs.35/-
7. Duplicate Passbook(Printing a/c)
Savings Passbook/Printout Rs.35/-
CD,cash Credit /Printout Rs.35/- + Rs.5/- Per Printout.
8. Duplicate statements of a/c's/Printout Rs.8/- per Page,maximum Rs.50/-
9. Computer Printout-(Account Statement) Daily Rs.8/-
Weekly- Rs. 20/-
Monthli Rs. 25/-
10. MICR Clg. processing charges
Presenting bank (For Mumbai, Mulund, Vashi, Thane Branch.) Pre Cheque Rs 1/-
Drawee Bank (For Mumbai, Mulund, Vashi, Thane Branch.) Pre Cheque Rs 1.50/-
11. Local Cheque Return Charges Rs. 250/- Per Cheque (for inward clearing)
Rs. 125/- Per Cheque (for outward clearing)
12. Cheque Return Charges ECS Rs. 250/- Per Cheque
13. Outward Cheque Return Charges Rs. 150/- + V.P. Charges
14. Stop Payment Charges Rs. 100/- Per Cheque
15. MICR cheque book (Printing) Per Cheque Rs. 2/- (For Qurterly Average Balance Rs. 10 Lac Free Cheque Book)
16. Cheque book charges (Printing) Savings charges Rs. 20/- Per Book
CD/Cash Credit Rs. 2/- Per cheque
17. Deeds (Processing Charges)
For All Deeds Processing Charges (Do not other securities) Sanction Limit
Rs.1 lakh
Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5Lakh Rs.250/-
Rs.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh Rs.600/-
Rs.10 lakh to Rs.25 lakh Rs.1000/-
Rs.25 lakh & above Rs.1500/-
18. Processing Charges
B) For new loan 1.00% for loan amount(Minimum Rs. 500/-)
A) For Renewal 0.15% for loan amount (Minimum Rs. 500/- & Maximum Rs. 25000/-)
19. Loan Re-santionation
Rs. 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh Rs. 200/-
Rs. 5 Lakh to 10 Lakh Rs. 500/-
Rs. 10 Lakh and above Rs. 700/-
20. Form Fee Charges
For new loan Rs. 100/-
Re-conveys Deed Rs. 200/-
21. Bank Guarantee Commission
21.A Total Secured Deposit ( Deposit Amount 100% )
Per Year for As Per Rs.1/- (Per Hundred)
Minimum Rs. 200/-
Maximum No limit
For Guarantee Commission should be recovered for all years
For Guarantee period clause Comission as above
21.B Guarantee for other security (25% Cash /FD and Other Security) Mortgage/Stock/Machinery ect..
Per Year for (Per Hundred) As Per Rs. 2/-
Minimum Rs. 200/-
Maximum No limit
For Claim period Commission essential
Guarantee issued Commission recover for all years
22 Locker Rent (Yearly) 1 April to 31 March
Type Height CM Width CM Depth CM Rent (Yearly)
A Type 125 175 492 600 Rs
B Type 159 210 492 1200 Rs
C Type 125 352 492 1000 Rs
D Type 189 263 492 1400 Rs
E Type 159 424 492 1700 Rs
F Type 278 352 492 2100 Rs
G Type 189 530 492 2300 Rs
H Type 321 424 492 2900 Rs
LL Type 404 530 492 4000 Rs
L2 Type 385 530 492 3400 Rs
B) Deposit- locker key deposit Rs. 5000/-
23. RTO Trade Service Charges
Two Wheeler Motor Bike Rs.125/-
Four Wheeler Motor Car (Without Truck / Tractor/Dumper/Auto) Rs.350/-
For Truck / Tractor/Dumper Rs.600/-
24. Solvency Certificate 0.10% of solvancy amount & per Lakh Rs. 500/-
Maximum Rs.10,000/-
25. RTGS Charges Upto Rs 2 to 5 lac Rs 20 + GST
Above Rs 5 lac Rs 40 + GST
26. NEFT Charges Upto Rs 1 lac Rs 4 + GST
Rs 1 to 2 lac Rs 12 + GST
above Rs. 2 lac Rs 40 + GST
27. ATM Card  Free
Service for savings / Current Account.
ATM Card Fee.
Maintenance Charges Annually Rs. 75/- Not for staff
Not any other charges
28. ATM Charges Monthly 5 transaction free (Inclusive Financial & Non-Financial Transaction)
After 5 transaction Rs 20 for each transaction (Inclusive Financial & Non-Financial Transaction)
Note : It will be applicable for other banks except Janata Bank ATM's except bank enployees
29. for Current and savings Account Minimum Balance Charges
1. Without Cheque Book
savings Account MInimum balance Amount
Metro Rs. 500/-
Urban Rs. 300/-
Rural Rs. 200/-
2. for Cheque Book facility
savings Account MInimum balance Amount
Metro Rs. 2,000/-
Urban Rs. 1,000/-
Rural Rs. 500/-
Current Account
savings Account MInimum balance Amount
Metro (Mumbai, Pune, Thane) Rs. 5,000/-
Urban Rs. 3,000/-
Rural Rs. 2000/-
Metro Branch Kalbadevi-Mumbai / Mulund-Mumbai / Thane / Vashi-Navi Mumbai / Bangalore
Urban Branch Kolhapur / Jaysinghpur / Peth Vadgaon / Kolhapur / Ichalkaranji / Pune / Gadinglaj / Karad / Sangali / Solhapur / Nashik / Aurangabad / Latur / Jalna / Ahmednagar / Hubli / Belgavi / Ratnagiri / Nipani / Nashik
Rural Branch Sulkud / Hupari / Shirol / Gargoti / Ajara / Pattankodoli / Kurundwad / Hathkanangale / Gandhinagar
Smart Premium Current Deposit
Quarterly Average Remaining Deposit
( Except Mumbai, Thane, Vashi, Mulund, Bangalore)
Rs. 10,000/-
Quarterly Average Remaining Deposit
( Mumbai, Thane, Vashi, Mulund, Bangalore)
Rs. 25,000/-

1.Without any charges fill cash or remove it.

2.Free ATM card (No yearly maintenance charges).

3.Free SMS Banking facility.

4.Free NEFT Service. Per RTGS Rs 10 + GST

5.Free Cheque Book Faciity.

6.Per month account statement free, For extra statement charges applicable as per rule.

7.Free Internet Banking facility, only for view.

8.No any charges for cheque collection.

9.Transaction allowded from any branch. (Except cash)

10. No Charges for Drawing Demand Draft.

11.Except base branch facility of filling upto Rs 2 lakh in any branch (Cash Deposit).

12.Inward &outward cheque return charges will be according to current account.

13.If balance will be low then minimal balance required then per month rs 600 will be charged.

Note:- Facility to make any changes in current account is available.

Rights to change any rule will be by bank authorities. Time to time changes will be notified on branch notice board

30 Dormant Account maintaince chargess ( Except Deposite Account) 1. Saving A/C Rs. 15/- (Annually)
2. Current A/C Rs. 25/- (Annually)
31 Charges to close Saving / Current A/c 1. Saving A/C Rs. 50
2. Current A/C Rs. 100
32 ABB Cash Tractions Customer from base branch to other branch cash amount per Bundle (100 rs) Rs, 3/- Charges. This charges debited the particular account on that time.( Minimum Rs. 10/-)

Note :

  1. Above all charges + GST will be applied. (Charges+GST)
  2. Locker rent will be received yearly basis. If locker is to opened in middle of the year then monthly rent upto may month will be applied for remaining months. After it yearly rent will applied which will be taken in april
  3. Depending upon the depositer's transaction rights of changing charges applied to them will be jointly taken by Mukhya Karyakari adhikari, Deputy General Manager, General Manager signature once approved by head office.