Kallapanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.


Ichalkaranji, once a small Capital "Jahagir" town, ruled by His Highness, the Late Narayanrao Babasaheb Ghorpade, had a rare virtue of "seeing the beyond". He cherished a dream to see that the small princely town earns eminence and prosperity by encouraging "Trade & Industry". Because of his benevolence and untiring zeal towards this goal, that he could turn his dream into reality. In this endeavor, he was really fortunate to have unstinted cooperation from dedicated and disciplined team of men, small and big. Through his untiring efforts and constant encouragement of Late Babasaheb, Ichalkaranji, is today enjoying a pride of place as "Manchester of Maharashtra", a center of wide spectrum of industry and trade alike.

In accelerating the pace of industrial growth and development of Ichalkaranji, the moving spirit and fountain of inspiration behind was Late Dattajirao Kadam with his team of colleagues sharing his mission of co. operative movement in the fifties founded a chain of co. operative institutions in Ichalkaranji. The unique achievement of Late Kadam Anna was that, he gave a wider base to the co. operative movement, by extending it to agro based industry. His one of the landmarks, is the foundation of the Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. In this endeavor, he was ably assisted, among others, by his young devoted and disciplined disciples Shri. Kallappanna Awade and Late Shankarrao Hupare. Both of them were aware of the short comings of his lone crusade in the contest of growing needs of the people.
This society was registered on 5 Nov.,1962 and started its financial operations on 7 Feb.,1963. Having regard to the efficient operations, the Reserve Bank of India has no hesitation in granting to the bank, to operate as a bank and granted a banking license as Urban Co. operative Bank, in April 1982. ICHALKARANJI JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD. ICHALKARANJI rename as KALLAPPANNA AWADE ICHALKARANJI JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD. ICHALKARANJI ON DATE 21/08/2007.Also the bank has got scheduled status we'd 29.1.2000. This speaks for itself the achievement of the bank, and reflected the quality of management & the Board. It was natural that, operations of the bank in the beginning were on a limited scale with financial constraints of funds flowing from the public. However, soon, through sustained efforts for collecting deposits from the public by innovating and attractive Deposit Schemes the kitty of the bank started growing. The bank therefore could lend financial assistance, to wider range of small and needy entrepreneurs. This strengthened the trust of the people and more and more cooperative institutions became valued clients of the bank. At the time, the traditional handloom industry was making way for power loom as a need of the time. The bank has the pride of privilege to claim that, it could make the small power loom owners forced to undertake job works for want of working capital, could become self-reliant producers with their own looms.
Since the bank is the lifeblood of economic activity of industry and trade, especially of weaker sections among them, it was and has been the cardinal policy of the Management to help industry, bearing in mind the national growth. Because of well thought out policy and through its implementation, the bank in all humiliation can proudly claim its share in promoting and establishing the small power loom owners and the ancillary industry. As such we prove the 'Bank weaving the minds of Mankind'

The share of the growth and usefulness of the bank also goes to its members. They voluntarily sacrificed their dividends out of the profits for "Building Fund" for a continuous period of 5 long years. It is because of their deep sense of love and sacrifice for the bank, it became possible for the Management to have its own premises and a prestigious building of five floors, known as "JANATA BANK BHAVAN". The bank has now provided 600 Safe deposit lockers in its basement.


Our bank has co-opted by Small Industrial Development Bank of India for implementation of Technology up gradation Funds Scheme of 5% interest rate subsidy uncounted by the Central Govt. for the development of textile industrial sector. We are also financing for the development of S.S.I, units under the National Equity Funds Scheme as per the SIDBI Scheme.
Our bank is nodal member of NABARD and eligible for finance facility from the Development Bank. We are always acheiving the targets of GOI under agriculture finance.


As a social responsibility, Bank has contributed towards micro finance by lending almost to 600 grops with above Rs. 150 lacs. And we are proud to say that all these accounts are regular and performing assets.


The bank is aware of its social obligation. The bank management is rendering help for the public cause such as financial help to public school and contribution to prompt technical education activities being instituted by the Dattajirao Kadam Technical Education Society, Babasaheb Khanjire Institute and other institutes. The bank has started separate cell of "Microfinance" to help SHG members/groups and around 250 groups have been registered with financial assistance to the tune of Rs. 35 lacs. Bank has also participated in the debt-related program of government of India & state government, waiving debt of agriculturists to the extent of Rs. 3.38 crores.


The area of Operation of bank is whole revenue area of Maharashtra State. To meet the growing needs of banking facilities to large sections of people the bank has opened its branches at Bhende Galli- Kolhapur, Shirol, Jaysingpur, Peth Vadgaon, Gandhinagar, Shahupuri-Kolhapur,Main Branch, New Industrial Estate- Ichalkaranji, Kalbadevi Road- Mumbai, Laxmi Road- Pune, Hupari, Gargoti, Gadhinglaj, Ajara, Karad, Vasant Market Yard- Sangli, Sulkud (Tal.-Kagal), Gaonbhag - Ichalkaranji, Mulund(W.)-Mumbai, Solapur, Ganpati Peth-Sangli, Market Yard- Pune, Jawaharlal nagar inchalkaranji, Nashik ,kothrud Pune,Aurangabad and Laxmi Audyogik Vasahat, Hatkanangale,Latur, 5 star MIDC Kagal, Shahapur- Ichalkaranji, Jalna, Ahmadnagar, Thane.The Deccan Co-op. Urban Bank Ltd., Pune sick bank has been amalgamated with our bank and we have started business from 1.7.1994. Bank has one off-site ATM at Dattajirao Kadam Technical & Engineering College, Ichalkaranji. Also Reserve Bank of India has permitted to open new three branches at Latur, Kagal MIDC & Shahapur, Ichalkaranji.


The Kaijs Bank is providing various services to the customers in many ways, such, as -

1. Bills collection facility.
2. Safe deposit lockers facility.
3. Monthly salary payment of major institutions.
4. Banking facilities like commercial & Nationalized Banks.
5. loans and advance at reasonable rates to small and cottage industries.
6. Always prompt and cordial service.
7. ATM facility at Main Branch Ichalkaranji, Nasik, Aurangabad, Kotharud-Pune, Gaonbhag-Ichalkaranji, Jaysingpur, Shahupuri-Kolhapur and Peth Vadgaon, Gultekadi-Pime, Industrial Estate-Ichalkaranji, Solapur etc. All the 12 branches plus one off-site ATM at Dattajirao Kadam Technical & Engineering College, Ichalkaranji.
8. Internet facility is available in all computerized branches.
9. Web site- www.ijsbank.com
10. Life & General Insurance Services.
11. PAN Card services.
12. Inward & Outward RTGS facilities.
13. Franking facility is available at Main Branch-Ichalkaranji & Shahupuri-Kolhapur branch.
14. E-payment of Government obligation.
15. Under Income Tax Act, Section 80C Deposit Scheme recognized for special incentive.
16. Interest free loan for purchasing LAPTOP for the Teachers, Students, Professors 8s Agriculturists.
17. BANCS network is available for our ATM card holders at 5000 ATM centers of 32 banks ATMs.


The bank has fulfilled its statutory obligation of lending to the "Priority Sector". Out of its total advances, 75% is given to promote industry and trade and out of its about 62% advances are for Priority Sector, the bank has been lending more than 26% to Weaker Section of the community, as per government policy.


As per the Bye-laws of the society, the bank has an elected Board of Directors comprising 19 Directors. Adequate representation is given to Weaker Section, backward classes and ladies. Four co-opted directors amongst which two are professionals and two representatives of employees, thereby the bank is acheiving the goal of Coporate Governance. The bank conducts its various function through appropriate sub committees at Head office and at branch levels. At present, Shri.A.B.Soundattikar - Chairman, Shri.B.P.Patil -Vice-Chairman, Shri. Purushottam Jakhotia, Shri. Ugamchand Gandhi, Shri. Sunil Haval, Shri. IlaiKalawant, Shri. Ramesh Ketkale, Shri. Ravindra Kharade, Shri. Badrinath Khot, Shri. Ahamed Mujawar, Shri. Omprakash Patani, Shri. Sachin Zanwar, Shri. Pandurang Biranje, Shri. Rajesh Patil, Shri. Chandrakant Chougule, Shri. Vilas Padale, Sou. Sujata Jadhav, Sou. Anita Kajve, Smt. Bharati Awale, Shri.P.T. Kumbhar- General Manager.


At present bank has its own buildings at Ichalkaranji, Main building named as "JANATA BANK BHAVAN" and another at Industrial Estate, in Kolhapur at Shahupuri, in Mumbai at Kalbadevi Road, in Pune at Laxmi Road, Shirol, Peth Vadgaon and Jaysingpur and at Mulund (W.) - Mumbai, Gaonbhag-Ichalkaranji. Bank has also purchased land about 45,000 Sq. ft. for administrative office at Ichalkaranji.


Total No. of staff member is 450 at present working in the bank. Adequate measures are taken to open avenues for promotion to lower level staff such as Clerks, through examination and re-orientation training through cooperative department, Reserve Bank of India, etc. Pay-scales of the staff are revised from time to time. Housing finance, at low rate of interest vehicle loans also at low rates etc. are also made available to the employees. To take care of health of all employees and their family members, bank has taken health Insurance of their family, where the member of family is benefited to the extent of Rs. 50.000/- on medical reimbursement. Further, a health check-up camp for all the employees was undertaken to keep healthy and active. There is system of awarding outstanding performer by ways of gift or increment for business development, recovery etc.The result is the excellent industrial relation that exists between the staff and the Management. Two representatives of the employees are also on the board. The bank is sending constantly its staff and officers for training. Bank is spending every year for the staff training proposes.


Our bank has implemented Core Banking Solution system and is likely to be completed at all our branches up to March 2010. We have also tied-up for ATMs at "BANGS" network and all our ATM card holders can operate through 5000 ATMs all over India.


We have developed the fully equiped Data center at the Jaysingpur and all branches are connected by leased line and backup line is ISDN, DR site is hosted at TJSB, Pune.

Following services are already started.
a) CBS Module
b) Any brabch banking
c) Teller system
d) IBT- Internet branch trensactions
e) MIS
f) At par cheque facility
g) Centralized Clearing system

Following services are started in this financial year
a) BANCS ATM Network- Issuer Transactions.
b) RTGS Facility
c) SMS Banking
d) Anti Money Loundering

Following services will be started in next financial year
a) Internet Banking
b) NFS ATM Network - Issuer and Acquire Transactions.
c) NEFT facility
d) Data Center sharing to otjer banks.


Anti Money Loundering Software has been implemented at on Head Office.


Bank has taken a decision regarding the expansion of its area of the operation to providing banking service to Gujarat and Karnataka state. In this regard, we have got permission from R.C.S. Karnataka State and Maharashtra State. We taken over a small unit bank from Karnataka.

Estd.: 7.2.1963 Regd. No. KPR/BNK/102/5.11.1962
RBI BANKING LICENCE NO. ACD .MH. 297 P. Dt. 27.4.1982.
AREA OF OPERATION The whole revenue area of Maharashtra State.
SCHEDULED STATUS 29 January, 2000.
BRANCHES 44 Branches + H. O.


We offer you the 44 Branches convenience to your Banking Services all over the Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa State. For more Info of Branches details please visit the Branch Locator

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