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About Kaijs Bank

A leading bank of South Western Maharashtra. Promptly serving you through a network of 44 fully computerized branches spread across Maharashtra and Karnataka state. Total Deposits of more than 2214.72 Crores, Loans 1425.82 Crores and Working Capital of 3640.54 Crores.

Industrial And Agriculture Finance

Our bank has co-opted by Small Industrial Development Bank of India for implementation of Technology up gradation Funds Scheme of 5% interest rate subsidy allocated/alloted by the Central Govt. for the development of textile industrial sector. We are also financing for the development of S.S.I, units under the National Equity Funds Scheme as per the SIDBI Scheme. Our bank is nodal member of NABARD and eligible for finance facility from the Development Bank. We are always acheiving the targets of GOI under agriculture finance.